Social Security Analysis


Social Security is an important part of many employees’ retirement income and has many nuances to determining how best to maximize your Social Security benefit. Choosing when and how to claim your benefits is far more complex than a simple “break-even point.”

While the Social Security Administration is a wealth of knowledge on Social Security benefits, they are not legally permitted to give you advice on when to elect to take benefits. So, where do you look for advice on your Social Security benefits? Consider GEBA.


In 2014, GEBA added a new Social Security Analysis service to our financial planning services to help our members in their retirement planning. We have expanded our knowledge and expertise in understanding the nuances of Social Security benefits and acquired specialized software to determine the optimum Social Security strategy. We feel it is important to educate our members on the specifics of Social Security and to help them to maximize their benefits as part of their overall financial plan.

GEBA’s Social Security Analysis Service

Our Social Security Analysis takes your specific individual financial situation, marital status, and longevity into account to determine the strategy for when and how to claim your benefits that gives you the most from your Social Security benefits over your and your spouse’s lifetimes.

Some strategy considerations include:

  • Should your spouse claim a spousal benefit (based on your income) at age 621?
  • Should your spouse take a spousal benefit at Full Retirement Age (FRA) and switch to their benefit at age 702?
  • Should an employee delay their benefits to maximize the Social Security benefit paid to their spouse upon the employee’s death?
  • CSRS Employees: How does the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) affect your benefit?
  • As a divorcee or widow(er), should you draw from your spousal benefit first and switch to your own benefit at age 702?

Analysis software provides you with a summary of your Social Security options, indicating the value of taking your benefit at the earliest possible time and the financial benefit of waiting for optimum timing. The difference may surprise you!

Social Security Analysis

Free Service – Another Membership Benefit

GEBA’s Social Security Analysis is a free financial planning service to our members. To start the analysis, you simply need to complete the Social Security Analysis Intake Form, and we will do the rest.

We encourage you to meet with one of our knowledgeable GEBA Wealth Management Financial Advisors for a Social Security Analysis. To set up a consultation, please call (800) 826-1126 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday, contact us at or request an appointment using the form on this page.

¹ Before full retirement age (FRA), any benefit taken is considered to be drawn based on the individual’s earnings first. By taking a spousal benefit before your FRA you will have removed the possibility of switching to your own benefit in the future.

2Available only for those born before January 1, 1954.

* For CSRS employees, we will need a copy of your most recent Social Security Statement

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